Playwrights Retreat to Ohio

Information about retreats organized by the Ohio State University Department of Theatre for the International Center for Women Playwrights (ICWP), whose work is archived in Ohio State's Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Schmoozing at the second annual retreat

2005 playwrights at North Star Cafe: Karen Kinch (Washington State), Mrinalini Kamath (New Jersey), Maureen Brady Johnson (Ohio), Nancy Gall-Clayton (Kentucky), Robin Rice Lichtig (New York)

Here's a list of panels and workshops currently scheduled for the retreat--always subject to change!
8/14: Katherine Burkman, founder of Women at Play, writing workshop
8/15: Panel on straight and GLBT theatre in Columbus, third Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in Columbus, September, 2006; Jon Putnam, Associate Artistic Director, CATCO; Beth Kattelman, Director, Puppet Queers; Dee Shepherd , co-founder, Reality Theatre; Chris Brooks, performer; Lori Cannon, performer/standup/writer
8/16: Joy Reilly and Howling at the Moon ensemble: workshop on lifewriting as basis for performance
8/17: David Tolley, composer: workshop on writing musicals
8/18: Carolyn Gage, workshop on adapting historical figures for the stage, including Calamity Jane and Joan of Arc.

All events are in the New Works Lab, 2056 Drake Performance and Event Center, 1849 Cannon Drive, on the Ohio State University campus. All are free and open to the public.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The 2006 annual ICWP Playwrights' Retreat will take place at Ohio State University in Columbus from August 13th through the 20th. More details will be posted shortly--but the dates are important. Here's the basic information on housing, etc.

Housing in dormitories directly across the street from the Drake Performance and Event Center, where all events (and computer lab) will be located. The tower dormitories are also a short walk from the Lennix Shopping Center. There are free campus buses and municipal buses that run past the dorms and the Drake.
Computer lab for script writing

Performers will be available for cold readings nightly of work being created.

Panels daily on playwriting craft, techniques, and opportunities.

Room rates:
Full linen: $20 (multiple) - $50 (single) nightly
Limited linen (bed linens): $18 - $44 nightly
No linen: $17 - $36 nightly

For full rates, meal prices, and parking passes,

For further information, contact retreat coordinator, Alan Woods, at 614/292-6614, FAX (+1) 614/688-8417.

Academic and Continuing Education credit is available.

A map of Ohio State's Columbus campus is at

and here, from the 2005 retreat, a view of playwrights Mrinalini Kamath (foreground), Geralyn Horton (center) and Phoebe Borman (right) during a reading of ongoing work